Hurricane Sandy Update- Sample Requests

Hi Everyone;   Its been a crazy couple of weeks here on Long Island.   The effects of hurricane Sandy to the New York, Long Island area have been catastrophic and going to take a long time to recover. 

We are slowly getting back to normal.  During  the time following Hurricane Sandy and a Nor Easter we also had,  our systems have been down due to loss of power.    

You may have requested samples of silk rose petals and as of today, have not received them, yet. We apologize for this, and we are contacting you to make sure if you want the samples of silk rose petals that you do receive them now, as operations are back to normal.
If you have not received your samples of silk rose petals yet, please, reply to this email or email me at with your request again, so we may fill it this week for you.  

We are sorry for any delays but mother nature is beyond our control and will be sure to get your samples out if they have not been received as of yet. 
Thank you
The Staff @ Tributes Floral Company

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