Small Florist Business in Today Economy

As a floral designer for over 30 years, i have seen it all in the retail flower business here on Long Island.   I have worked over the years beginning in the retail family florist business before there were flowers in supermarkets and box store warehouses that sold flowers in bulk.  Back in the day thats when people shopped in their small local mom and pop shops for their goods.  Back in the day also before, government made it so cheap to manufacture goods outside USA.

I received a phone call from a customer last week regarding an order she had received.  The color wasn't what she was looking for so, I offered to send her some free sample petals to compare the colors of blue rose petals to see maybe she would like to exchange them

This woman, thought we were a big corporation, and when I told her no, we are a small local florist on Long Island, and work on location alot, she made my day, by complimenting the "small mom and pop" business and would purchase the petals from us.

Because of this I would also like to thank each of you , our customers who do purchase from our company and take the time to reccommend us to your friends and family.

Small business is what makes the USA what it is but unfortunately corporate America is slowly but surely putting the small business owner the way of the dinosaur.   I have seen this in our towns, by watching all the local flower shops close in certain areas.

I truly hope the government will make it to expensive to ship  manufacturing  overseas by taxing products and have the manufacturing be brought back to this country and create the jobs we need as its all been shipped overseas.  Same with customer service.  Why is it we cannot speak to someone in the USA when calling customer service?   At Tributes Floral Compay- you will,  we are a local third generation florist on Long Island, who serves our community proudly.

"Small business Saturday" is a local promotion that is being promoted on Long Island, especially during holiday time.  The idea behind it is to just purchase one item from your local small business on a Saturday when you go shopping, at those big box store.  Just one item will help the millions of small business' in this country, maintain a business and bring back what has been lost.

Thank you to all our customers who keep supporting the small business in the U.S.A. and we will keep working hard to bringing you quality products for your weddings and events.

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