Silk Rose Petals in Water

We get alot of questions regarding our silk rose petals if they float.   We thought we would answer those questions. Alhtough, our silk rose petals are not treated with the same process to allow them to float on top of the water like a fresh rose petal,  they will suspend themselves beneath the water, and look just beautiful when you have the correct quantity for the vase to give a look in photo provided below.

Our premium silk rose petals do not float, as shown in the photo below-  if you add them to a vase, they will stay suspended below the water as shown.  Our suggestion is to choose either a vase thin enough to fit the petals or if its a wide vase, you will need more petals to fill it up.

We do carry floating silk rose petals, although these are only carried in basic colors of pink, ivory, white, red and burgundy.  These silk  rose petals will float on top of the water. 

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