More Fees Charged to Business by Visa-MC-Amex

I am sure all the other small business owners that accept credit cards  are flipping mad over the recent letters we received about more fees being charged to us by Visa, Mastercard and Amex.  

As a small business owner,  I feel its unfair that I am getting charged the same $100 fee per year as a big corporation.

As a consumer, we are informing you of these new fees, and the inevitable  price increasing due to these constant fees business owners keep getting charged.

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We have recently made some modifications to our card processing fees. If your payment service has been affected, be on the lookout for an e-mail from Intuit Payments Solutions within the week of March 12th with more detailed information. As always, we appreciate your business and thank you for being a loyal customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are fees changing?

Each year the payment card companies (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX) review their fees and costs and notify us of any adjustments. We make every attempt to minimize increases to you, however from time to time; we must adjust your costs due to the increases.

What is a mid qualified and non qualified transaction?

There are many types of credit and debit cards, some that carry a lower fee and others a higher fee. There is also a cost differential in the way that a transaction is processed. For example, a card that offers points or benefits also referred to as a rewards card, a corporate or government card and international cards are all assessed higher fees for processing. In addition, if a transaction is swiped it will typically cost less than a transaction that is key-entered.

What is PCI compliance and why do I need it?

PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (also referred to as PCI). PCI DSS is a standard created by the payment card companies (AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa) to help ensure the safe handling of cardholder data throughout the payments chain.

All organizations, regardless of size or number of transactions, that process, store, or transmit cardholder data must comply with the PCI DSS.

What is the PCI service?

The PCI service helps you understand and comply with your security requirements as a participant in the card processing system.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (an organization formed by the card brands) created the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) to help merchants protect customer account data. You are responsible for protecting card information and complying with the PCI DSS. Failure to comply could result in costly fines, audit costs, restrictions or worse should a breach occur. PCI DSS compliance is an ongoing process.

The first part of the PCI DSS process is completing an annual Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). This PCI services use a SAQ tool to help identify the questions you must answer about your handling of card information and your processes for submitting cards for payment. The SAQ uses real life examples to help you navigate the process. One potential outcome of the SAQ is identifying you as being required to conduct systems scanning. Among other situations, you will be required to perform system vulnerability scanning if you submit transactions for processing over the internet.

PCI DSS requires scans to be conducted by an Approved Scanning Vendor, or ASV. The PCI services enable you to satisfy this requirement with easy to use tools. If scans are required, they must be conducted on no less than a quarterly basis. The included external vulnerability scans check for cross-site scripting, SQL injection, remote file inclusion and many other application and network-based vulnerabilities. An output of the scan is a report that identifies any vulnerabilities identified and contains detailed instructions for correcting identified problems.

At the end of the process you can obtain a certification of your PCI Compliance. If you encounter questions or challenges in the process, the PCI services provide for support over the phone, via email and live chat.

What is the cost of the PCI Fee?

The fee varies depending on the number of transactions you process annually, see table below.

Annual TransactionsPCI Service Fee


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