Merchant Account Ripoffs

As a small business owner who accepts credit cards I am finding it increasingly difficult to continue to keep offering customers the same  great pricing they are used to due to the outrageous, continuing increasing in fees that the credit card companies are charging business to accept credit cards.

As a  consumer, you may not realize that everytime  you use your card,  the business you shopped at gets many fees to accept that card.

Here is a small list of fees.  We get charged a fee per transaction, then a a "discount fee" whats that?  Well that is another fee where the "credit card company" takes a percentage of our profit just for accepting credit cards.  Then we get charged a "monthly service fee" whats that?  That is another fee, that we pay every single month as our service fee to have merchant accounts.

Then, of course, there is the NEW fee, which me, like many other companies is furious for the amount we are paying is yet another fee, the business owners are getting charged called a PCI fee, which is just another way these merchant account holders "big credit card companies" like to collect more $$ for fraud protection, but only guarantee a certain amount

My advice to consumers-  i know the internet is a great place to shop, i make my business on the internet.  But when you see prices increase understand this is one reason.  And one reason, we must increase our prices,

   Try and use cash when shopping local because this in turn will save everyone money and stop putting more and more profits of corporate America the greedy credit card companies

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