The Florist Business- Inside Info

Ok, I have been a floral designer since i was taught by my father when i was 13 and now, I am 45.   I grew up in a family of florists on Long Island and am a third generation floral designer.

I was told that I should be blogging some useful information.   But I always think well what can I write about and this past Valentine's Day I realized, I should be educating the public about the retail florist business and what you think you may be getting from these wire services and big conglomerates that do all the advertising on the holidays.

What I have seen happen to an industry like the mom and pop flower shops is very sad.  Like many other industries in the USA,   the retail flowershop business is a dying business.

Subscribe to my blog and I will continue to educate the public on the behind the scenes and inside information to help educate the public on the flower business to show you what an important industry this is and maybe next time, you are in that big warehouse wanting to purchase flowers or go on the internet to order flowers shipped, you will know what really happens.

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