Murder in Medford-Our thoughts and prayers with the community

On Fathers Day, a man walked into a local family owned pharmacy in our town of Medford and shot and killed 4 innocent people execution style for no apparent reason except to steal drugs.

As a local business in Medford, my thoughts and prayers to out to the families and community that has been devastated by this crime.  Many friends I know patronize this pharmacy, Haven Drugs as its been in the community for probally 40 years. 

As I sit in my house today working from a home office,  in Medford I hear the helicopters and police cars nearby and turn on the TV to see on news 12 long island what is going on.

Long Island news 12 reported  that they have a suspect in custody, not to far from where I am now, i guess thats why i hear the helicopters.

A beautiful house right on Pitchpine place, that as a local florist, have done many deliveries in the very next neighborhood next to mine  for many years and know the neighborhood well, and this is where they just arrested what they believe to be a 33 year old suspect.    Disbelief!

Its a relief they may have caught someone, but personally as someone who has experienced a trajic loss, when some idoiot woman made an illegal left turn and took the life of my only brother on his way to work in 2009 the damage is already done.  The loss is permanent, and these loved ones will never be here with us anymore all because of one bad decision. Actually this guy made many bad decisions as something brought him to this point. Its just very very sad, that its the innocent ones who are going to suffer the loss as this man has no soul and more innocent families have been victims of perscription drug abuse and or drugs/

Our deepsest sympathy to the community as it will be a long and hard healing process but know the family and friends that surround the community will keep you strong.

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