Flower of the Day: Tulips (TOO-lip-ah)

As Easter Sunday approaches, Tulips are a very popular purchase among consumers for the Easter holiday.  This is the prime growing season availabilty.

Purchase tulip plants where the flowers are either just coloring or still closed.  Blown open wide tulip flowers will drop fast, but at least you still always will have the bulbs to plant in the fall for the following season.

Availabilty of tulips is November- May with limited availability in October.
Lasting quality is 3-7 days.

Normally tulips are sold in bunches of 10 wrapped in clear plastic.  Best way to process tulps flowers are to leave the sleeve on, cut and put in colod water until hydrated.  Remove plastic.  Tulips may be bent over when you first either put in water or when you get them, they are not "dead"   tulips naturally grow towards light and after 24 hours in water, they should straightten up.  Try to choose tulips with green healthy stems, no yellowing this may be a sign they are old or have been in water already.

Meaning: Perfect lover, Fame  Yellow means hopeless love, perfect love, there is sunshine in your smile

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