Cascade Bridal Bouquets-

Long, draping, flowing, classic.  These are the bridal bouquets that were the bridal bouquet of choice in the past and are still used today.  These are typically a one sided bridal bouquet made in a holder.  Known for their draping effect, it addes that final touch to any formal wedding.

Commonly oversized and heavy in the past, the cascade bouquet of today, is tailored to each Bride's taste and body shape.  They can be simple and small or oversized and full.  It takes a skilled floral designer to create this bouquet.

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  1. Cascade bouquets usually become the choice of most brides as it offers classic style in which the flowers are cascading downwards; there are flowing part and trail in front of the flowers. A well experienced and talented florist will be able to create a very unique bouquet which is bale to represent personal style of the bride. The flowers used in this flower arrangement are various and the choice can be based on the personal style of the bride, the theme of the wedding, or the wedding dress. A florist may use one type of flowers only or combine some types of flowers in order to create a very special bouquet. A peach cascade bridal bouquet can be made from some different flowers such as roses, carnations, mum daisies, or Asiatic lilies. Foliage can also be used to add the value of the arrangement. Further, peach ribbon can also be used intertwiningly to make the bouquet more beautiful and unique.

  2. Love the bridal bouquets. It is really lovely and stunning. Thanks for sharing.