Gladiolus-Flower of the Day

Our flower for today, is the Gladiolus( gla-dee-O-lus)  one of my personal favorites because of its simplicity and its my birth month flower. August

  Most people think of these as a "funeral flower" but,  next time your in a market and you see these, which may not be open yet, pick up a couple of bunches, bring them home and put them in a tall glass cylinder vase, just the flowers, no greens no filler and see the beauty. 

Also known as corn lily, sword lily. 
Availability: ALL YEAR
Colors: white, lavender, purple, pink magenta, red, burgundy, peach, orange, yellow, green, bicolor.

Gladiolu characteristics:  Florets of 3-5 inches across form on a spik on stems 36-48" tall  ( yes its a tall flower).

Flower forms can be plain, ruffled, fringed, rosebud like or tulip shaped lasting 7-14 days.  Normally packaged in 10 stem bunches

Flower Meaning of Gladiolus: Strength of character, sincerity, natural grace, rememerance, admiration
Birth Flower for August

Gladiolus Flower of the Day: Birth Month August

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