Spring Weddings

In the midst of another Long Island snowstorm, today, we are thinking Spring!  Now is the time to be finalizing your wedding flower choices  for your Spring wedding.  Popular Spring flowers for weddings tulips, sweet peas,  spray roses, peonies, lilac, hyacinth, lily of the valley and more.

Remember if you live in a climate that is prone to hot weather in the Spring, these delicate blooms may be a challenge to keep fresh out of water.  A good way to solve this issue is design your wedding bouquet in an oasis holder  where the stems can retain water and hold up better.   Oasis holders are available in many varieties these days and you can achiev the same "natural stem" look

This bouquet shown is a mix of delicate spring flowers of white stock and ginestra.  Green cymbidum orchids, white and green dendrobium orchids.  This bouquet was made in an oasis holder so the delicate blooms of ginestra and stock stayed fresh longer.


  1. Wow! That flower is awesome. I like it! Thanks for sharing this post to us.